BOSS have just released their new SS22 campaign across their website and social media channels


BOSS have just released their new SS22 campaign across their website and social media channels. With the slogan “Be Your Own BOSS” at the forefront of the campaign, it’s all star cast makes this their most up-to-date and exciting campaign to date. 

New Branding

The campaign unveils a new sleeker look for both BOSS and HUGO. The newest vision of BOSS features a minimalist approach with maximum impact. Clean lines and the white text on a black background keep the brand true to its roots whilst connecting with the modern audience. 

In summary, it’s quintessentially BOSS. 

All Star Cast

The cast of the new BOSS campaign is pretty impressive. With big names in sport such as Anthony Joshua taking on a global role, Tik Tok Star Khaby Lame, Super Models Kendal Jenner and Hailey Bieber alongside American Rapper Future, this campaign threatens to be one of the best in the business.


Some things are changing… Yes. The branding, the new all star cast and the general BOSS feel has had an update this year. But some things will never change with BOSS - quality, style and prestige. 

The latest BOSS styles will still feature the same practical yet stylish design it has always boasted. As always, quality will not be compromised in an attempt to bring the brand into the modern world. In an industry rife with ‘fast fashion’, designer brands are more sought after than ever thanks to their refusal to compromise on quality in an effort to make more money. 

BOSS is no exception.

New Styles Coming Soon

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